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Taking a Second Look at the Personal Injury Provision in the Condominium Insurance in Capitola, CA

Just like other homeowners, people who purchase condominiums need to make sure their homes and properties are adequately insured. One of the key elements in any plan for Condominium Insurance in Capitola CA is personal injury protection. Before a situation arises and there’s the need to find out if an event is covered, it pays to learn more about this type of protection and how it can be utilized.

Understanding the Basics

The personal injury provisions within a policy for Condominium Insurance in Capitola CA focus on providing support if someone is injured on the property, or if something that belongs to another individual is stolen or damaged while on the premises. The scope of the protection will vary one from policy to another. This means condo owners need to be aware of what is is and not covered.

Limits on the Scope of Coverage

One of the first points to consider is the maximum amount allowed by the policy terms and conditions. Identifying an amount is not hard. What takes more effort is to determine if the amount named in the policy is on a per event basis or a cumulative total for the entire coverage year. For example, the policy may provide up to $200,000.00 of personal injury protection for covered events, but the condo owner finds that figure is for the whole year and not for each event. All of a sudden, that low premium doesn’t seem to be quite as attractive.

Another point to consider is what type of events are covered. This can be a little tricky, but it pays to ask questions and have specific clauses in the contract identified to back up the answers. What would happen if a diamond ring owned by a guest went missing? How about damage to an expensive piece of clothing? What would happen if a limb fell on a guest’s car while it was parked in the driveway? Always make sure the coverage is broad enough to cover the possibilities, even the ones that seem remote.

If the current policy leaves something to be desired, visit us website and learn more about the condominium insurance plans they offer through different providers. It won’t take long to find one that’s a good fit, comes with an affordable premium, and ensures the client is protected for most events.

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