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The Benefits of Using the Services of a Professional Stock Transfer Agent

When you go public with your company, you can expect to take on hundreds, if not thousands, of investors the first day that it is available on the stock market. People will buy your stock in droves, especially if it is priced low and shows the potential to pay lucrative dividends.

The influx of stock purchases, however, means that you need to devise a way to transfer people’s shares in your company to them as quickly as possible. When you use the services of an NYSE transfer agent, you can provide the fast services that people expect when they buy into your company.

Fast Turnaround

An NYSE transfer agent can devote all of his or her time to transferring stocks to their rightful owners. This individual will keep track of how much stock a person bought and then transfer the right amount to the investment account or portfolio of that individual.

People who buy into your business can typically expect the transfer of their stocks to be completed within a day’s time. For larger stock purchases, the transaction could take several days to complete.

People who invest in your business do not want to wait for their shares to be distributed to them. You can provide the fast service that they expect with the help of a transfer agent.

Saving Money

The agent that you contract with will provide his or her services for a fraction of the price that it would cost you to hire employees for this purpose. This person only gets paid for the services rendered. He or she does not draw a regular wage or salary from your business.

An NYSE transfer agent can offer your investors fast turnaround times when they buy stocks in your business. He or she also costs less than what you would spend to hire employees for the same role.

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