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When to Hire a Financial Planning Advisor in Orange County

It is estimated that about 30 percent of all retirees and working adults work with a financial professional. Nearly half of those who do not have a financial planning advisor in Orange County said they plan to work with one in the future. There can be some cues to get help with your finances.

Significant Life Events

Some life events can significantly change the outlook of your finances. For instance, getting married combines two sets of finances, which can be complicated. A divorce may be a great time to look into finances. Other significant changes include having a child or taking on caregiver responsibilities. Starting or selling a business would indicate that you need some help.

Finances Becoming More Complicated

Over time, finances tend to become more complicated, even if you don’t have substantial life changes. You may earn more, invest in retirement, buy life insurance, or contribute to an HSA. A financial planning advisor in Orange County can help you navigate these and other scenarios.

Lack of Expertise

If you are unsure how to handle finances, it can feel like you have a second job. You may not have enough time to research and monitor a portfolio adequately. An advisor can help you. They can also help with related decisions.

Household Money Conflicts

Money is often cited as the most common thing argument for couples. Married or cohabitating adults often have conflicts about money, hindering the two of you from moving forward in wealth planning. Expert advice can help reduce disputes and assist in planning.

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