4 Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Vehicle Insurance in Magnolia

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Insurance

Comparison shopping for Vehicle Insurance Magnolia can help customers find better deals. However, it’s important to focus on more than just the quoted rate. By asking the right questions and closely evaluating coverage options, drivers can find policies that meet their needs and help them avoid expensive mistakes such as those listed below.

Under- or Overestimating Coverage Needs

If a driver is changing providers, wants to add a vehicle, or is moving to another state, they should look at the state’s minimum insurance requirements as well as their coverage choices. Buying too much coverage is a common error, especially for new customers who’ve been pressured by an agent. However, underestimating one’s coverage needs can be risky as well, as it may leave a driver financially liable for another motorist’s damages.

Relying Exclusively on Online Comparison Sites

While online quote sites list most major providers, not all are included, and such a company may offer a more favourable rate. When comparing prices, drivers should ensure they’re aware of all companies and agents in the area so they’re not relying on the quote site for the best price. By setting up a consultation with a local insurance agent and providing basic information, customers can find a fair price for Vehicle Insurance Magnolia.

Not Asking for Discounts

While discounts are automatically applied in some cases, others require a lengthy eligibility review process and action on the customer’s part. For instance, if someone has taken a defensive driving course, started working from home, or changed employers, their insurance company should know. Ask about discounts for good drivers and company employees as well as other incentives that may bring rates down.

Not Reviewing Driving History

For those planning to move to a different provider, it’s important to fill out a coverage application that includes driving history information. It’s important to provide accurate information to avoid allegations of fraud. If a driver can’t recall all his or her driving infractions from the past five years, the local DMV can provide an official record.

Shopping for auto insurance isn’t always fun, but sometimes it’s necessary. By avoiding the mistakes listed here, drivers will get more reasonable auto insurance rates. Visit us online or call today to request a quote.

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