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Contacting a Motorcycle Insurance Agent in Monroe, MI

Obtaining an insurance policy for a motorcycle is similar to taking out a policy on a car. Insurance coverage for a motorcycle contains provisions for a deductible, liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, and coverage for bodily injuries and medical payments. The costs of the policies can vary according to whether a person is adding the vehicle to an existing policy, their driving record, and other risk factors. Contact a Motorcycle Insurance Agent in Monroe MI to find out what coverage options are available. The Insurance Center Of Monroe is one place to find a suitable agent.


Since driving a motorcycle exposes people to the same hazards as driving other types of vehicles, insurance coverage is typically mandated. Different models and styles of bikes may need customized coverage depending on how often someone will be riding the bike, under what conditions the bike will be ridden, the age of the rider, and the historic risk factors involved. A Motorcycle Insurance Agent in Monroe MI can advise individuals of the best options and types of coverage they will need. In some states, liability coverage is the minimum amount of protection a driver needs to carry. If a person has taken a loan to finance the purchase of the bike, a lender can require additional coverage.

Coverage Options

Liability coverage protects drivers if they are involved in an accident. This coverage helps pay for damages drivers cause to other people and their property. Comprehensive coverage typically guards against damages to the bike from non-accident causes. While deductible payments may be required, comprehensive coverage will take care of damages to all property involved. Lenders usually require comprehensive coverage at stipulated amounts as well as specific deductibles. Owners of motorcycles can elect to carry coverage for rental vehicles and road assistance, although these are sometimes included in comprehensive policies.

Motorcycle riders often need to take out insurance policies to protect themselves. Depending on individual state requirements and how the bike will be used, different types of insurance plans can be the best fit. Riders should meet with an insurance agent to discuss what types of protection are needed as well as any options that might be of benefit.

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