What To Expect From Classic Car Insurance In Monroe, MI

by | Feb 26, 2018 | Insurance

In Michigan, classic automobiles are highly coveted and impressive. Auto owners who have the streamlined and elegant vehicles need higher coverage to protect their vehicles. Classic car coverage offers the right level of protection to prevent a serious loss. A local insurance agency provides Classic Car Insurance in Monroe MI for owners of these prestigious automobiles.

What Does the Insurance Offer?

The policy coverage is determined by what level the owner chooses. Policies are available that provide the cash value of the automobile if it is a total loss. The value provided includes a market value for the vehicle after depreciation is deducted.

What Types of Insurance Covers the Older Model Automobiles?

  • Standard Classic Car Coverage: A classic car is any vehicle that is at least nineteen years old. The coverage is purchased for sports cars most often. However, it isn’t limited to sports models only, and owners choose the policies to protect vehicles they restore. Select policies offer additional coverage for original parts obtained during restoration projects.
  • Antique Automobiles: Antique automobiles are any vehicle that is at least twenty-five years old. The policies are used for antiques that are fully functional and driven at some point during the year. It is not necessary to purchase insurance if the vehicle is parked and never used.
  • Car Kits and Replicas: Auto coverage for car kits and replicas provides coverage for automobile models that are at least twenty-four years old. It didn’t matter when the replica automobile was manufactured. The vehicles are considered representations of the original automobile.

What Coverage is Needed to Drive the Automobile?

The classic car coverage offers liability options with the policy. All auto owners must have at least auto liability coverage to protect against common liabilities. The insurance provides payments for medical treatment, lost wages, and auto repair costs incurred by accident victims.

In Michigan, classic automobiles range from amazing sports models to vintage luxury cars. The owners invest their time, money, and effort into the vehicles to restore them to their original pristine condition. Auto owners who need Classic Car Insurance in Monroe MI for their vintage vehicles contact us for a free quote now.

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