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FAQs About Tax Preparation In New York City

In New York, accountants provide assistance for taxpayers who need to file their state and federal taxes. They also provide help with new options that could generate higher refunds for the taxpayer as well. A local accountant can provide answers to frequently asked questions about Tax Preparation in New York City.

What is Deductible if You are Self-Employed?

Self-employed individuals can claim all their expenses on their taxes, and among these expenses are a portion of the mortgage payment, electric bill, and internet services. These individuals can also claim their gas expenses if they use their automobile for business purposes as well as a portion of their auto liability coverage. Any office supplies they purchase throughout the year are also tax deductible, and these taxpayers should keep their receipts for each of these expenses.

Should All Married Couples File Their Taxes Together?

They should review their options before they file their income tax returns, as they could acquire more benefits by filing separate returns. The accountant can identify potential savings by opting not to file together, for example, they could receive a high value for their earned income credit if the individual with the higher income claims the kids separately. Additionally, they can lower potential tax liabilities if either of them is self-employed by filing separately.

What Percentage Should the Taxpayer Save for Tax Payments Each Quarter?

It is beneficial for the taxpayer to save about 30% of their projected income per quarter; however, they won’t have to pay this much in most cases. By putting this value into a savings account, the taxpayer will have the funds they need to pay their taxes, and they will earn interest on the funds as well. It is beneficial for the taxpayer to pay these payments each quarter to avoid high payments at the end of the year.

In New York, accountants offer invaluable advice about preparing tax returns, and this advice could lead to higher tax refunds for consumers. The accountants can identify new ways to lower tax liabilities and prevent financial losses for these taxpayers. All taxpayers who need help with Tax Preparation in New York City can visit  for more information right now.

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