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FAQs About An Umbrella Insurance Policy

In Ohio, consumers evaluate potential insurance policies that could provide them with better overall coverage for common events. These policies could include homeowner’s, auto, and boat insurance. However, circumstances could require additional coverage to protect the consumer more fully. A local insurance provider could provide answers about an Umbrella Insurance Policy.

What is this Policy?

The policy provides extra coverage for liabilities that enhance existing policies for the consumer’s property. Essentially, the policy provides coverage when the existing policy is maxed out and cannot provide any more funds when a claim is filed. The policy also covers instances that aren’t even covered under the standard policies such as liabilities associated with rental properties, libel, or slander.

What Personal Liability Coverage Is Offered Through the Policies?

Through the policy, the consumer receives personal liability coverage that assists them if a legal claim is made against them due to a false arrest, defamation of character, or mental anguish. This coverage could protect their financial interests if they are sued because of statements they have made in the press or if a romantic or business partner wasn’t convicted of a crime for which the policyholder accused them.

What Policies are Enhanced Through an Umbrella Policy?

Any policy that the consumer has to protect their property can be enhanced through an umbrella policy. For example, if the consumer purchases an umbrella policy, they will receive additional funds to cover the expenses of an auto accident that was their fault if their auto coverage is maxed out. This could prevent the accident victim from filing a legal claim against the policyholder to collect additional awards.

Does the Property Damage Liability Apply to Automobiles Only?

No, the policy provides coverage for any property damage liabilities that could happen. This includes but is not limited to any damage that a pet causes while visiting a friend. It also includes damage that a teenager could cause at school.

In Ohio, consumers work with an agent to complete a risk assessment to determine the coverage level they need. Additional policies and enhancements could prevent consumers from facing more liabilities or expenses. Consumers who want to learn more about an Umbrella Insurance Policy can visit  for more information today.

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