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Learn the Fastest Ways to Make a Money Transfer

Depending on specific circumstances, the need for a money transfer may be something that is not time sensitive or the case may be needed in a hurry. While a small number people are willing to wait for the cash to arrive, most senders and receivers would like the transfer to occur from Florida to the destination as quickly as possible.

There is such as a thing as an instant money transfer. This cannot be done through a bank, however, as banks use known as SWIFT, IBAN or RTGS for international transfers and a similar system for transfers in the state of Florida or throughout the United States. These processes typically take one or more business days, with longer time periods possible based on the recipient’s location.

Additionally, unlike the instant money transfer offered by specialized agents representing international money transfer services, the recipient has limited locations and business hours to pick up the funds. Bank hours tend to be standard business hours with no access to incoming money transfers on holidays or over the weekend.

Simple Process

By using an international or national instant money transfer service, the funds can go from the sender’s location to the receiver’s location in just minutes. There is no actual transfer of money and no verification of funds required, as long as the sender is using cash to make the deposit for the transfer.
The sender simply fills out the form for the instant money transfer, which requires information on the amount, the recipient, the location for the pickup of the funds as well as the sender’s identification.

There is a fee associated with the transfer that is based on the amount of the transfer. In Florida, as in any location, there will be limits on the amount that can be transferred based on laws in the USA as well as requirements at the recipient’s location.600

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