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Mistakes People Make Funding Small Business In Ft. Lauderdale FL

A business owner who needs help Funding Small Business in Ft. Lauderdale FL might make mistakes that could cost them their business when it’s all said and done. In some cases, owners turn to credit cards to fund their businesses. Unless a person is under an introductory period with a credit card, they will have to deal with interest rates. The rates could be over 20 percent. Now a business owner who only needs $1,000 worth of equipment might not care about the interest rate, but an owner who needs $10,000 or more could be digging themselves into debt.

Some business owners turn to banks or credit unions for Funding Small Business in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Although such financial institutions can help some businesses, there are some things to consider. It can take a long time for a loan to get put through. Even if the loan officer wants to give out the loan, the funding might get denied by the officer’s superior. There are times when loans are reconsidered, but that just adds more time to the process and reconsideration usually fails. Banks and credit unions will also look into credit scores. Business owners who don’t have stellar credit might not get funded.

Turning to friends or family for Funding Small Business in Ft. Lauderdale FL is another option that some business owners use. There are more than enough success stories involving small businesses that have been partially funded by friends and families of the owners. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of stories involving ruined relationships. In most instances, it’s just not a smart idea to mix business with family and friends. Taking out a second mortgage on a home also isn’t the best option. A business owner could lose both their business and their home if they tie the two together.

So what is the best way to get money for a business? Business owners have had a lot of success using 1st Atlantic Funding or similar companies to help them secure money. Such services focus on how a business is doing in the real world, not just the credit score and other things that might not indicate a company’s true potential.

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