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Three Ways to Get Cheaper Car Insurance Rates in Rockford, Illinois

All drivers must carry at least liability auto insurance in most states. If you think insurance is too expensive, there are several ways to get cheap car insurance in Rockford.

Consider the Model

A Porsche or Mercedes may look good in the showroom, but insurers view sports vehicles as a high risk. Sports cars cause more crashes because they travel at higher speeds, attract riskier drivers, and are lighter weight.

They are also more attractive to thieves, and parts are commonly more expensive to replace. However, some providers may give you discounts according to where you park it and for adding safety features.

Eliminate Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

If you are buying a vehicle more than ten years old, you may not want to purchase comprehensive collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle for non-driving damage, which includes fire, theft, vandalism, falling objects, and storms. Collision insurance covers your vehicle’s damage, whether it is only your vehicle involved or multiple vehicles.

The cost of collision and comprehensive for older vehicles most likely will exceed their value of them. Extra coverage may be worth the cost if you expect to drive high mileage or buy a newer vehicle.

Don’t Get Traffic Citations

While a one-off nonmoving infraction usually doesn’t raise insurance rates, more serious infractions and multiple violations could. When you apply for insurance, the provider checks your driving record to view the number of points against your license.

For speeding, some factors that impact rates include the miles passed the legal limit, the time between infractions, and previous citations. The average rate increase for a speeding ticket, even one citation, is 24%, but the amount varies by provider.

It is possible to get cheap car insurance in Rockford. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance to get a free quote.

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