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Tips for Safe Driving Teens

As a parent, you may already be navigating the teenage years. One of the things that a teenager in the household brings is a new driver to your insurance policy. Parents may need low cost instant auto insurance when their Chicago teen gets their drivers license. It can be a scary prospect handing over the keys to your teen, but there are a few tips that you can give them to keep them safer while out on the road.

Limit Your Passengers

A teenager is an inexperienced driver. Even if they passed drivers ed with flying colors, they are still inexperienced. The last thing an inexperienced driver needs is a car full of passengers. The more people in the car, the more distractions. Teens, by their very nature, are a pretty rowdy group, and you definitely don’t want your brand new driver operating a large and dangerous vehicle while they are distracted by their group of friends.

Tell your teen that they can only have one other person in the car with them until they gain plenty of experience. Responsible driving involves knowing how to keep distractions at bay.

Forbid Texting

While it is illegal in most states to text while driving, it doesn’t stop people from doing it every single day. Forbid your teen to use his or her cellphone while the car is in motion. Unless the car is in park, the cellphone should not ever be in your child’s hand. Stress the responsibility that your teen has to maintain safety for themselves, their passengers, and everyone else on the roadway.

Slow Down

Teens should understand the dangers of speeding before they even get behind the wheel. However, it doesn’t hurt to remind your son or daughter that the posted speed limit is there for a purpose. Getting speeding tickets is unacceptable. It makes them a dangerous driver, plus it can also raise your car insurance rates.

These tips may help your teen become a better and more responsible driver with time. Driving like all other skills takes a lot of practice to master, and while they are gaining all this experience, you want them to be as safe and distraction free as possible. When it comes time to put your teen in the driver’s seat, don’t forget to get low cost auto instant auto insurance in Chicagoe form Business Name. We are the number one agency in the Chicago area.

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