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Understanding Automobile Insurance In San Jose

There are between 20 and 50 million car accidents reported in the United States each year. Most of these accidents have resulted in damage to the vehicle, injuries to the people in the vehicles, and even death. This is part of the reason that most states require drivers to have automobile insurance in order to legally drive a vehicle. Most states won’t even allow drivers to register a vehicle without proof of insurance. If a driver is looking into Automobile Insurance in San Jose, they should know what types of insurance are available.


Comprehensive insurance, also known as full coverage, is the type of insurance with the most expensive insurance premiums. The reason for this is because full coverage covers both vehicles and all of their occupants if there is an accident. If a driver with comprehensive causes an accident, the other driver’s vehicle and its occupants would be covered. Also, the covered driver’s vehicle and its occupants would be covered as well. If a driver is still making payments on their vehicle, the lender will often require that they have this type of insurance.


Liability insurance has the least expensive premiums. Most states require that drivers have the minimum liability insurance in order to drive. If the covered driver causes an accident, the other driver’s vehicle and occupants would be covered. The covered driver would not be covered. If there is any damage to their vehicle or if they were injured, they would need to pay out of pocket.

Uninsured Motorist

Not all drivers obey the laws, and some will allow their auto insurance policy to lapse. If this happens and the uninsured driver hits another driver, there would be no insurance to cover the damage. If the person who was hit has uninsured motorist, this will cover the damage. The uninsured motorist also helps if a person is the victim of a hit and run accident. Since there would be nobody around to take responsibility for the accident, the uninsured motorist would cover the damage.

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