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Ways to Keep Premiums as Low as Possible When Adding a Teenager to Auto Insurance in Monterey

The oldest child in the household turns 16 and naturally wants to get a driver’s license. Parents need to know the best strategies for adding that teenager to their Auto Insurance in Monterey without breaking the bank. If the quote they receive from their current insurer seems too high, they may want to shop around through an independent agent and learn what other options are available.

The teenager may only rarely drive a car belonging to the household. But once this child has a driver’s license, the automotive insurance company will expect the person to be included on at least one parent’s policy. There’s no doubt about it; adding a teenager to the policy will cause the premium to go up. Depending on the insurer and various factors, parents can wind up spending hundreds of dollars more per year. However, certain companies offer more favorable terms to families in this very common situation.

Grades and Vehicles

Some companies that offer Auto Insurance in Monterey provide substantial discounts for teenagers who have grade points of B or higher. They view this type of personal responsibility as a sign the student will also be a responsible driver. Having only staid, conservative vehicles available for driving also helps keep rates down.


Technology that is already being offered is likely to become pervasive in the future and allow insurance rates to drop for this population group. Some vehicle manufacturers and electronics producers offer technology that limits traveling speed, blocks the use of cell phones and keeps audio volume at a relatively low level.

Some insurance companies offer lower premium rates for vehicles with monitoring devices. Teenagers may protest this type of supervision, but insurance underwriters know that it can help them stay safe. However, having the equipment installed can be cost-prohibitive, undermining the concept of getting it to save money on insurance.


It’s nearly always less expensive to add a teenage driver to a policy than to have a new policy built just for that young person. Representatives with an agency like Coast Auto Insurance Services can provide comparisons and further details. Visit us website to get started.

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