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How to Protect Your Law Firm From These Types of Lawsuits in San Diego

You have recently expanded your law firm by adding to your team of highly skilled professionals. However, as you begin to attract more clients to your brand of legal services you are exposing your firm to liabilities as you have hired new recruits that have yet to gain the experience necessary to handle certain situations. So, how can you help ensure your firm and your employees are protected against lawsuits?


You might begin to think about commercial property damage or worker’s compensation when it comes to the word insurance. While these types of coverage are necessary to continue operating your law firm, you will also need to add supplemental insurance like errors and omissions coverage. Commonly referred to as E&O insurance, this type of coverage is a form of liability insurance that protects you and your firm from lawsuits that claim you have made a mistake.

What Types of Mistakes?

E&O insurance can help protect you if someone sues you for inaccurate advice, negligence, errors in services provided, misinterpretations, omissions, and violation of good and faith dealing amongst others. Typically, coverage for this type of insurance will help pay for lawyer fees, court costs, settlements, judgments, and administrative costs.

The Only Insurance Brokerage Firm to Turn to for Coverage

Perhaps you are now searching for the leading insurance agency that offers errors and omissions insurance in San Diego, CA. Contact the professionals at Ahern Insurance Brokerage. They offer customized insurance solutions and have served many clients for several years. You can trust them to provide you with the best coverage to protect yourself, your business, and your employees from the types of lawsuits mentioned above. When searching for the top firm to acquire errors and omissions insurance in San Diego, CA, they are the ones to contact. Visit today.

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