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What to Know About the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace in Atlanta, GA

Federal Health Insurance Marketplace in Atlanta, GA

The federal health insurance marketplace in Atlanta, GA makes it easy to find coverage. After putting in the required information, they present a selection of options. You can compare the policies they present and find the best one for your situation.

  • Avoid Tax Penalties From Outdated Income
  • Avoid Underpaying
  • Avoid Overpaying

Qualifying for Coverage

To get a quote, you must provide the registrar with your GA zip code and household demographics. They need to know who will be covered for the most accurate quote possible. Each additional family member on the quote will need to answer three questions:

  • Do They Use Tobacco?
  • Are They Pregnant?
  • Are They Eligible for Other Coverage?

Qualifying Income Levels

Your income level must be above 100% of the federal poverty line to qualify for this subsidy. However, the line varies depending on how many people are in your house.

A two-person household could earn between $329 a week and $1,299 and still be qualified. If the family got paid on a bi-weekly basis, paychecks could be $651 to $2,600.

On the contrary, a four-member household could earn from $496 to $1,980 if paid weekly. If the family were on biweekly payment schedules, they could get paid $991 to $3,961.

Additional Assistance

Families with between 100% and 149% of the poverty level in income qualify for added support. For a single-person household, that means you can earn $18,671 and get the best deal.

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